In 2014, Philip Morris International launched the sale of IQOS tobacco consumption systems. The system for the consumption of tobacco IQOS is an electronic tobacco heating system, which, thanks to the HeatControl ™ technology developed in Switzerland, a special element coated with platinum and ceramics, is heated to a temperature of no more than 350 ° C. For more information on IQOS tobacco consumption systems, follow the link:

IQOS Tobacco Heating System

Tobacco heating system IQOS 2.4P, black

IQOS 2.4P, black

IQOS 2.4 P (ProtectPlus ™) uses HeatControl ™ technology. A special heating element controls the temperature and ensures consistency from start to finish. The updated IQOS 2.4 P is equipped with the ProtectPlus ™ system for better protection and reliability of your device. The kit includes:

- The holder is the main element of the system for the consumption of tobacco. Thanks to the platinum and ceramic coated heating element, the tobacco in the IQOS Holder heats up but does not burn.
- Charger - compact protection, charging, and storage of the IQOS holder. Return the holder to the charger after each use to recharge before the next session.
- Cleaning device - miniature brushes will help you keep your IQOS holder clean.
- USB cable
- Power Supply