In 2014, Philip Morris International launched the sale of IQOS tobacco consumption systems. The system for the consumption of tobacco IQOS is an electronic tobacco heating system, which, thanks to the HeatControl ™ technology developed in Switzerland, a special element coated with platinum and ceramics, is heated to a temperature of no more than 350 ° C. For more information on IQOS tobacco consumption systems, follow the link:

IQOS Tobacco Heating System

HEETS Non-Smoking Tobacco Products (for IQOS Tobacco Heating System)

heating tobacco system IQOS 3 Multi blue

IQOS 3 Multi, blue

IQOS 3 MULTI is the latest in IQOS featuring HeatControl ™ technology. No more waiting! Provides up to 10 sessions in a row without recharging. The perfect addition to your basic IQOS.